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USEA Young Event Horse

September 5, 2008
Entries Close - August 19, 2008

The USEA Spalding Labs Young Event Horse Series may be best described as an equine talent search. The Series gives owners and breeders the opportunity to showcase the potential of their four- and five-year-old horses while encouraging them to produce top-level event horses for the future.

Young Event Horse classes are designed toward education and preparation in a progressive manner. Youngsters are asked to complete three sections: Conformation and Type; Dressage; Jumping/Suitability and Potential. The ultimate goal of the Young Event Horse Series is to choose the youngster that possesses the talent and mind set, and who with proper training, will excel in the uppermost levels of the eventing world.

While the ultimate goal is to identify the future four-star horses it is also hoped that many fine event horses who will excel at the lower levels will also be showcased.


  • Age:    Horses are considered to be one year older on January 1 each year regardless of birth month. 
    4 year-old classes are for horses attaining four years of age in the current calendar year.
    5 year-old classes are for horses attaining five years of age in the current calendar year.
    Mares that have had term or near-term foals will be allowed a “bye” year if a certificate of verification, signed by a veterinarian, is submitted to the USEA office. The intent of this rule is to allow mares who have taken time off to be bred to compete in five-year-old classes as six-year-olds.
  • Membership:    Riders are not required to be USEA members, horses are required to be registered with the USEA.
  • Saddlery:    Only snaffle bridles may be used and boots and martingales are optional for jumping. No boots to be worn in Sections I or II.
  • Dress (relaxed):    ASTM/SEI approved helmets mandatory for jumping.
  • Dressage phase:    Collared shirt with sleeves, breeches, and boots.
  • Jumping phase:    Dress as above, or cross-country attire.


Section IConformation and Type15%
Section IIDressage Test35%
Section IIIJumping/Suitability and Potential50%

While the judges look for horses with strong abilities in dressage and show jumping, they also look for a horse with correct, elastic gaits, scope and athleticism over fences, and those that with the correct training will have the speed, soundness, and stamina necessary at the top levels of the sport.

Section 1 – Conformation and Type
Each horse is stripped of tack and shown in hand to the judge. Handlers are to stand their horse up for inspection by the judge who will assess conformation and type. The horse is judged on potential for soundness, speed and stamina. Handlers will be asked to walk their horses out and also trot them for the judge. Color should not be a factor in a horse's score. Many colored horses have been successful at the highest levels of the sport.

Section II - Dressage
This is a modified dressage test judged on overall collective impressions (not by each individual movement). The 2008 dressage test is available to download as a .pdf file.

Section III - Jumping/Suitability and Potential
The jumping phase involves a small course of natural looking show jumping fences, or a mixture of cross-country and natural show jumps. The fence parameters at the qualifying competitions will be up to 2'11" (Novice specifications) for the four-year-old classes, and up to 3'3" (Training specifications) for the five-year-old classes. An event horse must be able to jump a bank, ditch, water, or solid fence. All events must incorporate at least one of these obstacles in their jumping section. The obstacles should be straight forward, inviting, and age-appropriate for the youngsters.

YEH Requirements 

Now that the USEA is building a database of all Young Event Horses, we will be requiring that all horses be registered with the USEA to participate in YEH classes in 2008. Registration for 2008 will insure that the horse's full pedigree and competition results will be maintained.

The USEA requires all pedigree and breeder information where available, and a list of breed registries where horses are already registered.

Horses will need to have the USEA Horse Life Registration form filled out.  Beginning December 1, 2007 the $25 fee will be implemented.  Please provide the completed HLR form to the USEA. If you have the Breed Registry papers on your horse, send a photocopy along with the USEA HLR form.  Thank you all for your cooperation!

Tim O'Neal of Action Taken Photography will be there taking pictures of you and your horse at this event. Check out his website at:

Event Registration Dates
: Jul 22
Close: Aug 19

USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions: T; N; BN
USEA Recognized Test: USEA Young Event Horse (4 yo & 5 yo)
USEA Recognized Test: Training Level Three-day Event Test

Send Entries to:
Jennifer Richart
200 Chehalis Valley Dr.
Chehalis, WA 98532

TD: Cleon Wingard, OH
Judges: Pres: Wendy Wergeles, CA
CD:X-C/SJ: Linda Mahoney

Org: Lynn Mahoney, 828 Lincoln Creek Road, Centralia, WA 98531, (360) 736-2585.

Event Fees Directory – see individual section for details. Draw checks to Lynn Mahoney.
Entry: HT all divisions: $150.00;
TR 3-Day: $200.00; YEH: $70.00 (see section 1)
Stabling: $110.00; $65.00 (section 5)
Double entries: Accepted. E-mail preferred. BN competitors who are not USEA
members must pay extra $25 with entry.
Refunds: Before C.D.-In full; After C.D.-Entry/Stabling-Less $15 ONLY if place can be filled from
waiting list. $20 fee must accompany any changes made in entry. Phone calls accepted.
Competition cancellation-In full.
Neg. Coggins not required between WA & OR.
YEH-Entry form and additional information can be found online and in
the Omnibus.
Tentative Schedule:
Thurs: Cross-country course open-3 pm.
Fri: Dressage- 8:00AM; YEH class-3:00 pm
Sat: Cross Country 8am.
Sun: Show Jumping -9 am.
Training Level 3-Day Test; Specific Details to Follow, will be posted on Web Site
Thursday: Training level 3-day check in; first horse inspection; competitor briefing; mini-clinic
concerning roads and tracks, vet box, timing, steeplechase procedures.
HT: Award & 8 ribbons per division.
Starting Times:
See Area VII website or
Limited. $110/stall from 8 am Thursday to 6 pm Sunday. $65
Corrals provided by organizer; contact organizer for stabling options. Temp. stalls on grounds.
Limited perm. stalls on site. Stall doors & initial sawdust bedding only provided.
Veterinarian: Southfork Vet Service, Pat Roden, DVM, (360) 262-9029/(800) 625-9026. # will be
posted at scoreboard.
Ferryman’s Inn-6 mi., (360) 330-2094. Motel 6-6 mi., (360) 330-2057.
Holiday Inn Express 360 330 9441. Camping: On site-no hook-ups.
Address: 828 Lincoln Creek Rd., Centralia, WA 98531
From I-5: Exit 82 go west on Harrison Ave. for 1 mile to left on Galvin Road for 2 miles, left on
Lincoln Creek Road for 3.5 miles. On left across from 850 Lincoln Creek Rd.
Food on grounds.

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